Our Events This Year

10:30 am

Blood Donation Drive

In collaboration with redcross Uganda caring haven uganda is looking forward to adressing the issue of blood donations and elightening the population of its advantages.

CEO: Mr Ssenakula Steven
Caring Haven Uganda Head Office

10:30 am

11:30 am

HIV and Blood Sugar Testing

We are embarking on doing mass hiv tests and blood sugar tests, we are also working in collaboration with other organisations to see to it the population knows about there health status.

Speaker: Mr Ssemakula Steven
Head office

12:00 pm

Computer Usage Training

We shall have a computer week to further educate the population and equip them with information technology skills

Speaker: Ssesanga Ronald 
Caring Haven Uganda Head Office

12:00 pm

14:00 pm

Social Media and Engagement

In our drive to create a social and friendly society, we shall also embark on training population on usage of social media platforms.

Speaker: Ddamulira Nicholaus
Caring Haven Uganda Head office


Admission tickets and catalogs will be offered via the Eventus online shop from November 2019 until the final day of the event, 02 February 2020