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Current Specials

Truck Service, Inc. offers a variety of special promotions to ensure your vehicle’s safety and integrity. For any repair or maintenance needs, we’re here to help.

$25 DOT Inspection Special

Special Pricing through January 31, 2022

Winter is a great time to ensure your DOT inspections are up-to-date. Take advantage of our $25 special pricing to ensure your vehicle’s safety, compliance, and readiness for next year. Our DOT inspectors on-site are equipped with significant experience in the heavy truck repair industry to ensure you can be free from fines and unexpected repair costs this season.

$25 DOT Inspection Flyer

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$74.99 Alignment Check*

A proper wheel alignment will increase tire life, improve handling and safety, and prevent premature suspension component wear. Our $74.99 alignment check utilizing our 10 step process will help reduce overall vehicle operating costs and unexpected down time.
*Exclusions may apply, additional cost for adjustments and/or repairs if necessary

$74.99 Alignment Check Flyer

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Complimentary Battery and Charging System Check

High-power demands and extreme weather can put a strain on battery and charging systems. Every vehicle through our door receives a complimentary vehicle inspection which now includes a battery and charging system check. Our team will perform the check and review the results with you to ensure the system is operating properly, helping you avoid costly repairs and downtime.

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