Supporting Children

Thousands of children in Uganda have no or little access to good health care, education, food and support., We support them through our children's homes.

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Youth empowerment

The biggest population in Uganda comprises of the youth. It is our role as Caring Haven Uganda to provide them with the necessary training, guidance and empowerment and contribute to a greater generation.

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Empowering Skills and Knowledge

It is one thing to provide a hungry man with fish, its a better thing to teach a hungry man how to fish. Through our technical hands on team we skill the people in various avenues hence providing value addition.

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Supporting The Elderly

The elderly are a treasure to our nation. Because many elderly run out of work, its is almost impossible for them to support them selves with the basic needs of life. It is a God given role for caring haven to extend a helping hand to them.

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We are a home for the children ,the elderly, widows based situated in the different parts of Uganda that is kakiri,mityana .We offer the best services to our helpless people in the different homes

Caring Haven Uganda Projects

Ongoing Charity Projects


Destination: Uganda
Issues: Education, Feeding the hungry, Empowering the youth, Providing skills to the population, Providing Welfare to the elderly, children and orphans.

Our Homes:

There are two homes that is the home in kakiri ,Ebenezer home and caring haven children centre in mityana  that provide the same services to their children in all the homes.


The financial status of the home is so far good and improving because the money that is used to run the organization is got through donations and self-financing through selling the agricultural products that are produced by the farms of the organization.



Areas Of Focus


The home provides education services to the children by providing them with scholarships and scholastic materials to enable them have a good stay while at school and this helps the children to a quire knowledge and skills in the various fields of study

Medical Services
Family and Socialization

Our Causes

Our Causes

Nutritious Meal

Invest in health for the future. One month of nutritious meals for one child. ​​​​​​​Starting at 50 Usd
$ 5,000 raised40%
Our Causes

A day out

A day of fun that they will never forget. A complete day out for 20 children. ​​​​​​Starting at 400 USD
$3500 raised70%
Our Causes

Youth Skills

Procure tools for operation,like agricultural tools, Sewing machines or raw materials for artifacts
$ 7,500raised10%
Our Causes

Clothes and shoes

Give a child a full set of clothes; top, bottom, underwear, socks and shoes. ​​​​​​​Starting at 100 USD
$6 300 raised30%
Our Causes

Give the elderly hope

Through your donations we can uplift the spirit of the elderly and give them hope through medical care, shelter, food and other basic needs. Be part of our drive and make a difference
$ 8,000 raised37%
Our Causes

Help vulnerable children

Every child needs a little help, alittle hope. It is our role to stand by them and atleast give them an equal start. Stand with us and make a donation to uplift the vulnerable children.
$15 100 raised50%
Our Causes

Orphan Education

Many children cannot attain the basic needs of life because they do not have family support. Caring haven is here to be the family and stand with the lonely children. stand with us and be a parent to an orphan.
$12 329 raised24%
Our Causes

Empower Single Mothers

Every parent wants to offer what is best for their children. some times parents may not be capable due to financial constraints, sickness among others. Support our cause and stand with the mothers.
$10 300 raised40%

Every donation can create a difference in some one’s life .

Caring haven has brought up good citizens of the country who will in future contribute positively towards the economy because they are well nurtured, educated and above all Christians.


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Our Team

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Mr Ssemakula StevenCEO / Founder
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Ddamulira NicholausCommunications Manager
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